Alex Rimmer is the tritagonist in Brandon Rogers' videos and is the main protagonist of Theater Class. He's a former stand-up comedian and young acting teacher at Valley Village Community College. Despite being the teacher of the Acting Class, he's notably bad at his job and conducts poorly thought out and uneducational lessons for his students. 


Throughout the series, Alex Rimmer is portrayed as an avid lover of theater and is passionate about teaching the art of theater to college students to keep the art alive. Despite having to deal with troublesome and less than enthusiastic students, Mr. Rimmer pushes on with his goal to teach them. Despite being an avid theater lover however, he's also very incompetant at his job and often wastes time with "lessons" that don't further the education of his students. He often wastes time and this commonly leads them into trouble constantly. 

He conducts his lessons in a very careless and they're minimally managed at best. He's recklessness takes its tole on the students and his superiors especially and he losses his job half way through season one, but gets it back thanks to the efforts of Marlena. Like the rest of his students, he looks down on Karen Shou and takes part in the tradition of constantly mocking and insulting her and does nothing to stop the ridicule the other students through at her. Despite these actions, he does care for his students, even Karen, and desired to stay with them towards the end of the season one and managed to get most of them back by season two. 


Alexander Rimmer was born in early 1985 making him 24 at the beginning of the series in 2009. He took part in an acting competition where the prize was a golden mask when he was young around the same time that Mason Lucas, his future student was participating in. Rimmer would win, but would unintentionally psychologically defeat Mason and make him avoid acting until he met CiCi. He then became a stand-up comedian, but attacked a late night television host while live on TV. Rimmer then persued becoming a theater teacher and was hired to teach the Theater Class at Valley Village Community College.