Donna is Sam’s roommate, appearing in Sam’s NOT Having It, A Day at the Park, Sam does HOLLYWOOD and A Day at the Beach. She is portrayed by Paulette Jones.


Sam's NOT Having It

Donna first appears when she is locked outside by Sam again. She says that she was forced to sleep on an anthill. Donna reveals that she collects salmon as a hobby. Donna teaches Sam how to play cards, Sam shows to be incompetent at it. Sam builds a card house, Donna gets annoyed and pushes it over. Donna drinks coffee in the kitchen, where she takes a dig at Sam and asks how he got it to taste like monkey urine, but Sam goes to say that he uses her underwear as a filter. Donna ferociously scrubs one of her many guns, while chanting 'I love you' over and over again. She cocks it to the point of near orgasm.

A Day With Mom

Donna does not physically appear in this video, but is spoken to by Kathy every time she leaves the house. Firstly Kathy greets her pleasantly, then after Kathy takes her 'coffee', she calls Donna a bitch, and the final time Donna throws a drink at Kathy.

A Day at the Park

When Kathy runs into the park with Timmy and Samantha, she walks past Donna and Sam, Donna seems happy to see her. Sam mentions that he and Donna are in the park to celebrate Donna's new job on becoming a spokeswoman for 'Anisol', an anal hemorrhoid medicine. Donna is seen taking cocaine, claiming they need more coke. Later, Donna sees George, who hasn't seen her in 50 years. Donna and George have had a past together, Donna twirls her hair and claims they should catch up, but George runs away.


Donna and Sam are on a road trip to Hollywood. Donna asks Sam to help her lube up the engine, but Sam says no, Donna threateningly holds a hammer. Sam reveals Donna is going for an audition at a big Hollywood agency, Donna tells Sam to pick her up in three hours, she knocks on the window looking for an entrance. Donna calls Sam, asking what's happening, Donna says that she's waiting for the audition to start, when in fact it started 5 minutes ago. Donna goes on with the audition, where she gets the lines horribly wrong and is told to leave. She says she'll expect a call from them. After Sam returns from his drug party, Donna says she has been waiting for a very long time. Donna says she didn't get the part, Sam hands her an Oscar style trophy, she cries on his shoulder.

A Day at the Beach

Donna and Sam are at the beach on a picnic organised by Sam in hopes of cheering Donna up who'se wearing a neck brace. The two were taking relationship conselling which included a trust test in which Sam needs to catch Donna. However Sam fails and ultimatly breaks Donna's neck. She has become paranoid around Sam and doesn't trust him with anything dangerous, even freaking out when he holds a kitchen knife. The picnic is called off and Donna has to take all the things back despite having crutches. Sam later discards her crutches and says she's lost 'seatbelt privileges' after she insults him. The two run over Milton the Cat and Sam goes off with Miltons owner to find him, leaving Donna alone. Donna later meets up with George who is sitting alone at the beach. He yells at Donna for not helping him when he was drowning, mistaking Helen for her when she left him to drown. He and Donna complain that there's not enough straight people on the beach, realising they are both straight and get aroused by eachother. Donna is last seen sat next to George, resting her head on his shoulder, Sam looking on before walking away to leave her and George together.

Memorable Quotes

I collect salmon!
— Donna to the cameraman in “Sam's NOT Having It".
Hello, you old piece of shit.
— Donna to Dorian Ditsen, mistaking him for George in “A Day at the Park".
Suck my ass you fucken ninny.
— Donna to Sam in “Sam does HOLLYWOOD” when she gets out of his car.
I been waiting here for so long I went through menopause again!
— Donna to Sam in "Sam does HOLLYWOOD


  • In Sam does HOLLYWOOD, Donna reveals she is still going through puberty. 
  • Donna collects salmon.
  • Donna eats candles.
  • Donna is implied to be younger than her elderly appearance suggests, not just because she is still going through puberty, but because she was allowed to watch The Simpsons (which first aired in 1989) when she was 10, Donna is probably either in her late 20's or 30's. This is debatable because of her past history with George, where he said that he hadn't seen her in 50 years.
  • She is the narrator or storyteller in Normal Western Movie.
  • Donna lives next door to Kathy.
  • She adopted Sam
  • Her Baby was stolen by Bryce so she can harvest hearts to become immortal and compassionate.
  • In A Day at the Park, she can be seen doing cocaine during Sam explaining they were in the park to celebrate her role as a spokesperson for Anisol.
  • Elmer is her son, after retrieving him in Stuff & Sam 17 years later in the final episode he is shown grownup and looks exactly like the Clones that Bryce has.
  • One of her tits is retarded, probably because they are turning into nuts in A Day at the Beach.
  • She has gone through menopause multiple times.