Elmer HATES his Job is a Brandon Rogers skit, uploaded on November 22nd, 2015. The video portrays Elmer, a Bachelor working for a convenience store called MashyMart. As of May 2016, the video has over two million views.


From the viewer’s perspective, a customer enters Mashy Mart. Entering an aisle, he’s greeted by Elmer.

At the register, Elmer greets a customer, sarcastically thanking them for bringing their children inside. Mopping the aisles, he thanks whoever shitted in aisle six. A customer throws hot dogs at him across the counter and Elmer calmly asks him to stop, only to be pelted with more. Elmer says he earned his Bachelor’s degree for this. One customer turns to find him poking his head over an aisle before ducking.

Elmer gives a customer’s price for their purchase. The customer pours a cup of coins and Elmer asks if he’s trying to give him a seizure. He finds Koreans entering and uses the intercom to warns his coworkers to lock the cabbage. He warns someone to not eat the hot dogs, explaining they’re expired and will make them “see through time.” He also informs someone their food will trigger a grand mal seizure. A customer asks where to find organic Kale chips. Elmer says they’re on the “homosexual hipster aisle, next to the recycled toilet paper, you glitter dick.”

While mopping an aisle, Elmer shouts he’s going to hang himself. He finds another turd and chucks it across the shelves. While restocking, a burglar points his gun at him. Elmer pleads him to take whatever he wants and not kill him. He’s stripped to his boxers, though Elmer mentions it doubles as his cum rag. A customer tells him an unimpressive joke at the counter. He says someone made the same joke this morning, but began with saying they’re retarded, Cleaning another turd, Elmer explains his real concern is the lack of toilet paper. A customer wishes to see Dave, his manager. Elmer uses the intercom to inform Dave “some bitch” wants to see him.

Entering one aisle, he wishes to set himself on fire. He hears himself from earlier, thanking whoever shitted in aisle six. Investigating, he also hears him speaking with the customer looking for Kale chips. Peering around a shelf, he finds himself at the counter with the customer who tried paying with coins. His double notices him, repeating his hot dog warning. Elmer finds a hot dog in his hand, having eaten a mouthful. The scene cuts to Elmer on the ground, violently twitching and foaming at the mouth.


In Grandpa Hates Disneyland, Elmer has apparently quit his job at Mashy Mart and now works at Disneyland. Grandpa attempts to get on a ride Elmer’s monitoring. The hot dogs’ side effects make Elmer perceive Grandpa as a little boy pretending to be a grandfather.