I'm trying to watch America's got talent!
— James in Normal British People

James is one of Lord Mingeworthy and Lady Mingeworthy's adoptive children, and the other is Cockwaddle. James is perfectly fine and is American, but is viewed by his adoptive parents as a 'disabled' child because of him being American.


James is an American young boy who is viewed by his British adoptive parents as a 'disabled' child. He is not allowed to watch or do anything American like eating pizza by his parents and he gets grounded if he does. He is also more normal than Cockwaddle, as he behaves like a normal child and is self aware that his adoptive parents are not British at all.

Video Appearances

Normal British People

James is first seen in Normal British People as one of Lord and Lady Mingeworthy's adoptive sons. He hates the fact that his adopted parents won't allow him to watch America's Got Talent or eat pizza because it is not very 'British'. He is also the only son to stand up and tells his adoptive parents that they are not British, but he gets grounded after that.

When he and Cockwaddle is taking a bath together, Cockwaddle is touching him. Lord Mingeworthy asks Cockwaddle if he is touching James, he declines.

Halloween Therapy

James is shown briefly in Halloween Therapy, where he complains about why he can't eat his food, as he is only allowed to if Cockwaddle eats his own feces.