Kathy (commonly known as Mom) is the mother of Timmy and Samantha. She appeared in A Day With Mom and A Day at the Park. She is portrayed by Brandon Rogers.


A Day With Mom

Kathy walks into Timmy's room where he's watching gay pornography. She tells Timmy to clean his room by saying that his room is not going to clean itself & calls the gay pornography videos ‘workout videos’. Downstairs, Kathy tells her children to gather their things as they’re leaving the house. Kathy walks past Donna as they leave & tells her her tulips looks nice, in the car, she calls Donna a bitch. Kathy throws a ball for Timmy, telling him he's her champ. However, on the phone to her friend, Nancy, she tells her he sucks.

In the shop, Kathy sings a little song about shopping, Kathy turns around, telling Timmy to repeat himself. Kathy finds balloons which she finds adorable, she picks them up. Kathy hits Timmy, telling him to shape up, telling him he's going to live with Grandpa who is horny. Kathy grabs Timmy, & whispers ‘you are the cumshot I should have swallowed’. Kathy tells inanimate objects to get out of her way when she walks through the store, as she is a mother making a difference. Kathy grabs the microphone, telling Timmy to come to the front of the store. Kathy realizes she has lost the baby, which is shown to be between the automatic doors as it closes on its head. Kathy tells Timmy to grab the bags, to which he backchats to. He spits something at Kathy, which she instantly realizes to be vodka. Kathy starts cooking, where she finds a cup of coffee, she drinks it, the coffee starts to make her more energetic. Kathy throws paper plates onto the table, and hands out dinner. Kathy says that there is enough time to buy everything for tomorrow, she returns to the store.

As Kathy leaves the house she calls Donna a bitch. At the store, Kathy rolls, saying it is faster. Kathy darts around looking for tampons. Kathy picks up chips and places them where her baby is and swaps them. Kathy tells Timmy she needs to defecate, which when she does comes out as a transparent liquid. Kathy thinks she left the items on the roof. She stops the car abruptly & the child comes down onto the bonnet. Timmy spits more vodka, Kathy asks for it in her mouth. Kathy drinks more coffee, making her madder. She says they should buy more items. As she leaves, Donna throws something at Kathy, narrowly missing her. Kathy throws a ball right at Timmy's face. Kathy calls Timmy a shithead. Kathy rolls through the store, claiming she's going to sue them. Timmy gets into the car and drives away. As they run, Kathy asks for Timmy to slow down. Two people watch them, saying how sad it is that she's there every day. When the camera returns, Kathy is shown to be possibly homeless and finds another 'cup of coffee', which in reality is coffee in a heroin needle.

A Day at the Park

Coffee is being made for Kathy by Timmy at 12:01 AM. Kathy awakens to Timmy, saying that she's going to chaperone him on his first field trip. Kathy realizes the time is four hours late. Panicking, Kathy gets through her morning duties, she brushes her teeth, gets Samantha up, gets breakfast done & has a quick PTA (Pits, Tits, Ass) shower. In the car, Kathy speeds, where George is inside the car, Kathy is revealed to be George's daughter. Kathy points out Elmer to George, & calls him a hippie. Kathy tells Timmy to play with his friends. Kathy returns to find Helen Brownstein gripping Timmy. Helen & Kathy get into a fight, Timmy runs away. Kathy starts screaming while looking for Timmy. She goes to Elmer and orders him to find Timmy. Kathy wonders through the park asking random strangers. Kathy flies onto the table that Bryce Tankthrust's company is having a picnic at, Kathy starts beating Bryce with her child.

Halloween Therapy


  • Kathy is Mexican.
  • She dropped out of college.
  • She washes dishes in her sleep, as mentioned in Concerned Mother.
  • It's unknown if the Donna she was talking to was the same Donna that's Sam's roommate. If that's true, that means they both live in the same neighborhood.