On weekends, I like to work as a parking enforcer. I am god damn diabolical!
— Sharita to Sebastian in Is Morphings Time!

Sharita Repulsa is a semi-antagonist of Sebastian and Ignacio's story line. She's the Intergalactic Empress of Evil and a Parking Enforcer. She is portrayed by Brandon Rogers.


Sharita Repulsa is first seen in Is Morphings Time! She orders Sebastian and Ignacio (when they're Power Rangers) to give her their Power Morphers, or she'll 'suck their dicks to their assholes'. She's an Intergalactic Empress of Evil, but she calls herself "an intergalactic store witch".

Video Appearances

Is Morphings Time!

She threatens to (possibly) molest Sebastian and Ignacio if they don't give their Power Morphers back. She introduces herself, saying that she smokes cigarettes, had a baby when she was 12, stole her neighbor's WiFi, and that she works as a parking enforcer, all in the name of evil. After the introduction, she, Sebastian, and Ignacio fight. When she seems to be winning, Sebastian grabs hold of her. She taunts Sebastian and gets herself out of his grip by ripping her clothes off and tries to zap Sebastian into the grocery store, but his helmet deflects the attack, and she gets zapped to the grocery store. She runs around naked in the store, and insults anyone in her way.

Meanwhile, when Sebastian and Ignacio are starting to regret their decision of becoming Power Rangers, Sharita grows massively. When Ignacio comments that her breasts are too big, she sticks him onto one, and spits on him.

When Sebastian turns the fort into a fighting machine, he and Sharita fistfight with Sebastian's family and a group of disabled kids. When Sharita runs off with a segment of a children's hospital, it reveals that Sebastian and Ignacio were imagining it the whole time, and that they were using action figures.


Sebastian: I hate you more than I hate the grocery store!

Sharita: Bitch, I invented the grocery store! Empress of evil, mother fucker.

— Sharita to Sebastian
  • Sebastian - Sharita despises Sebastian, as she wants his power morpher. He and her fight twice in the episode, which results in Sharita getting zapped to the grocery store and retreating.
Sharita: I'm gonna shit in your 3-year old mouth!

Ignacio: We're only like, 2.

  • Ignacio - Sharita captures Ignacio in the second fight, and beats up Sebastian's fighting machine with Ignacio in her hand.


  • Sharita smokes.
  • Sharita had a baby when she was 12.
  • She invented the grocery store.
  • She works as a parking enforcer on the weekends.
    • However, she only does this in the name of Evil, as she already owns a grocery store.