The CEO is a video written by, directed by and starring Brandon Rogers. It was uploaded on January 11th 2016, and as of 3rd of August 2016 has generated over 4,000,000 views. It was met largely with positive praise. The video follows Bryce Tankthrust, the CEO of Nightingale Auto Insurance.


The video is a compilation of short clips, all featuring Bryce Tankthrust. These clips include:

  • Bryce telling a woman that her children won't be having Christmas.
  • Explaining she had her ovaries and heart removed.
  • Correlate the projection values.
  • Calling Donovan for her 12:00 servicing.
  • Having sex with Donovan.
  • Claiming she hasn't ejaculated that hard since she gave birth.
  • Complaining to Marshall about being given a Chinese Uber driver.
  • Calling the driver out for eavesdropping.
  • Calling Donovan, telling him that her son is in town, and to schedule a hug for 4 PM, and move around other events.
  • Explaining that most of the employees don't work at the company.
  • Explaining Rick Dickenson from accounting doesn't work.
  • Carla Juniper from HR.
  • Carla has a family.
  • Putting the binder away, Bryce explains that they quit 1 month in when they realize they aren't getting paid.
  • Bryce finds an employee with gum.
  • She orders the employee to spit it out, which they do, Bryce catches it in her mouth, and tells them to clean out their desk.
  • In the meeting room, no one turns up.
  • On the phone, Timmy steals the phone.
  • Bryce calls after the phone, explaining what happened.
  • Bryce explains to the Chinese driver that their running behind, and that the driver has to service her.
  • Ten minutes later, Bryce tells the driver she hasn't climaxed so hard since she was six years old.
  • Bryce works out but gets stuck on one of the work out apparatus.
  • Bryce is on the phone to Janet, an employee, she opens the binder, revealing she isn't an employee, Janet requests maternity leave, but Bryce reveals she has meningococcal meningitis but still came in.
  • Bryce tells Janet she still sounds like she gets her period for a pregnant woman.
  • Crossing the road, Bryce sees a homosexual boy.
  • Bryce tells the boy that it doesn't get better.
  • In her office, Bryce tells Donovan she can see a squirrel.
  • Walking out the office, on the phone, she tells an employee the only fucks she'll give will come out of their paycheck.
  • On the phone to Donovan, she drops her phone in a cup of water.
  • Bryce asks if she sounds like a mermaid.
  • In a tree, she explains to Donovan that the squirrel got away.
  • Bryce says that she is surrounded by more dicks than a curious teenager.
  • In the taxi, she orders the driver to pull over, and sees a poor person to throw her latte at.
  • She undoes the window, and yells '1 per cent, represent', and orders the driver to speed.
  • Bryce tells Donovan she's walking through a fountain.
  • In a freezer, someone opens the door.
  • She hisses like a cat, the door shuts.
  • She tells Donovan she didn't mean him.
  • In the meeting room, she explains that she just got off the phone.
  • The company is bankrupt.
  • She liquidates the Henderson account.
  • She pulls out all charity funds.
  • In the offices, she orders an employee to service her while they're still getting paid.
  • She thanks the employee and leaves.
  • On the roof, she tells Donovan to meet her on her private island, to pack her battle-axe and her poetry and to abandon his religion.
  • Bryce tells Donovan she's going to call him back after her stroke.
  • Bryce is seen seizing on the floor.



  • The video features Timmy.